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Gabriela Abud was born in São Paulo - Brazil, At the age of 7 she switched from ballet classes to drums classes shortly after watching a solo by Joey Jordison (slipknot).

Having Iron Maiden as her first reference in Heavy Metal, she began to delve deeper into the style and get to know bands like SOAD, Gojira, Jinjer among many others that influenced her style of playing.
She studied drums with names such as: Edu Garcia, Biel Astolfi, Jean Forrer, Victor Busquets and Amilcar Christófaro. With acting as another passion, she trained as an actress at the Célia Helena Arts and Education Center.

In 2021 she started her studies at FASM (Faculdade Santa Marcelina -Bachelor Drums) and started teaching drums.
In 2022 she had the opportunity to play in some shows with the Brazilian band Sinaya, and it was exactly in one of these shows that Gabriela was able to meet Prika and Helena who were on tour with Nervosa.
In November 2022, Prika contacted Gabriela to be Nervosa's new drummer, but she was not available to follow all the activities the band had already scheduled.
From January 2024, Gabriela joins Nervosa, showing great promise and a great revelation in the metal scene as a drummer.

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