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Prika Amaral has always had the musicality very present in her life. Since she was born she listened to her father play the guitar. Passionate about music, the interest in learning to play has always been evident. What stopped her was the difference in musical styles, but that was when at age of 14, she decided to learn the guitar by herself, in two years she learned fingering techniques such as classical guitar, and by that time she developed these skills really well.


But this was not the musical style which she dreamed of playing, then she decided to lower the tone of the guitar for 2 tones down, and she began to feel more comfortable, thereafter she began a series of compositions. At the age of 18 in her first job, she got her first paycheck and rushed to buy her guitar.


Prika Amaral’s guitar playing style always drew attention for her incredible technique on extremely fast and in complex times picking. It’s clear for people to notice her strong influence by thrash metal style that she claims to be an expert in playing. Quick solos, use of leverage and microfonias can be heard in her work.


The compliments are huge when it comes to composition, choices, combinations and creativity, always highlighted, just as in Nervosa’s songs, such as : “Time of death”,”Invisible Oppression”, “Uranio em Nós” and “Masked Betrayer” , whose melodies were all made and designed by Prika Amaral. Her biggest influences on guitar are Dimebag Darrell (Pantera), Jimi Hendrix, Kerry King (Slayer), Alex Skolnick (Testament), Buddy Guy, David Gilmor (Pink Floyd), Gary Holt (Exodus) and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath).


Throughout this time she has always looked for people to lead a band seriously , and it is very visible the satisfaction in having established and be participating in Nervosa. In addition to guitarist, Prika is an Administrator, she founded the label Sujo Records amd Music Media Metal, promotes events and is always involved and organizing cultural projects. This can all be checked in her curriculum with many important events in the underground scene. She has participated and organized tours, playing in many places, being always present not only in the local scene, but she is recognized in many places throughout Brazil.

In 2023 Prika became the singer of Nervosa. She assumed the vocal position releasing a new song called "Endless Ambition".

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