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She’s the bassist and backing vocalist of the leading symphonic black metal band W.E.B.
(Metal Blade Records). She’s also the singer and founder of the death metal band
AfterBlood, vocalist and bassist of black metal band Christfuck and one of the projects she
has created in the past is Darcode (rock/groove).
In 2017 she was the backing vocalist for the legendary King Diamond in the South American
tour, as well as their show in Psycho Las Vegas Festival.
Since 2016 she’s the co-hostess of the Metal Hammer tv show TV War, airing every Sunday
night and focusing on metal music.
Apart from music, she expresses a lot through crafting masks, artworks and paintings, you
can find a few of her works in her personal website.
From March of 2023 Hel Pyre was announced as bassist of Nervosa.

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