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Nanu Villalba is a self-taught drummer from Argentina born in August 13th, 1999. She started playing drums at the age of 16 since Rock and Heavy Metal music strongly influenced her. When she turned 17, she did her first stage performance and never stopped since then.  


In 2017 she started playing with a band for the first time ever called “Meraxes” (Metalcore). But Metal wasn’t the only genre she was willing to explore, so later on she also become a drummer for “NOHVA” (Hard Rock). After releasing many EPs and singles along the way, she decided to create her own band under the name of “Arthemisia” (Modern Metal). 


In 2018, “S7IGMA” (Industrial Metal) was the first band to hire her as a session drummer. For the next two years she would dedicate her career to working as a live performer and studio musician which gave her the opportunity to play different styles besides Rock and Metal such as Pop, Trap and Reggaeton. 


2020 is a memorable year for her career since she got endorsements of Zildjian and Vic Firth and just a few months later she also became a Tama, Evans and Overload artist. 


In 2021 Nanu started freelancing and giving drum lessons as a full-time job and in 2022 she decided to start taking piano and singing lessons to gain new musical skills. 


In August of 2022 she did her first tour in Europe with Nervosa (Thrash Metal) as a substitute musician but shortly after she became the band’s new official drummer. 

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