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Diva Satanica in 2010 starts her musical career with the band BLOODHUNTER as vocalist, where she released demos and full length albums, also performing all over Spain and in Festivals like Resurrection Fest. One year later she would start writing as a contributor/journalist for the International Spanish Magazine “La Heavy” and its Website www.mariskalrock.com, directed by the acclaimed Mariskal Romero and Juan Destroyer.

In 2015, she started her career as a vocal coach with the “EXTREME VOCAL LESSONS”, teaching growlers at all levels and giving several Masterclasses at some Spanish Music Schools.

Meanwhile Diva Satanica participated in the TV Show “The Voice”, surprising the coaches by singing screaming and growling, being the first contestant to perform this type of singing. The international artist JUANES chose her to be part of his team, where she performed songs like “Sweet Dreams”,“Eye of the Tiger” or LadyGaga’s “Bad Romance”.  Later that year, in recognition of her powerful voice, she has been awarded the distinction of “3th Best Spanish Female Metal Singer” by the readers of Mariskalrock.com and appeared on the cover of the acclaimed magazine Metal Hammer Spain.

Diva also recorded some collaborations with many Spanish artists like MÄGO DE OZ (“La Cantiga de las Brujas”), LEO JIMÉNEZ (“Ballena Negra”), or the Opera Rock LEGADO DE UNA TRAGEDIA (“Baphomet”).

In 2020, Diva Satanica joins Nervosa on vocals, the band is in writing mode for the release of the new album with new line up.